Eco-Village, Kirby Bellars

HSSP Architects were approached by a client to design an Eco-Village on land just outside of Kirby Bellars. The proposed design was to provide a carbon neutral residential development that would comprise of state of the art sustainable homes whose electrictiy and heating would run off methane. The methane would be formed onsite through a bio-waste digester. The digester would take up to 10,000 tons of sewage, garden and other green biodegradable waste per annum and recycle it. In this process it would collect methane gas and saleable fertiliser residue. The collected methane gas would then power a 250-375Kva generator which would power the village alongside other green credentials already possible, for example, solar panels and water runoff storage. Water run off would be used in non potable services (toilets, gardens etc). General waste and water waste from the residents would be fed into the digester effectively closing the loop of an almost self-sustaining community.

This project then featured in various magazines and had wide coverage on regional news.

BBC News Article
BBC News Video

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