Private House, Old Dalby

This 4 BED replacement dwelling in Leicestershire really gave the team something to get excited about. The house is on the edge of a conservation area so a careful appraisal of the site was undertaken to ensure there was limited impact on the surrounding area and neighbouring properties…

Due to the difficult ground levels the HSSP team mapped out the whole site in 3D to better understand how the floor levels and internal spaces would interact with the outside. The building is essentially 3 storeys but we were able to break the mass down into two 1 and a half storey building discreetly linked by a light weight glazed link and a hidden staircase.

Full height glass bay windows and an impressive glazed entrance hall allows access to the impressive views to the front of the property whilst to the rear a more traditional vernacular has been used to create a more private space. Internally there is an intriguing mix of cosy traditional feeling bedrooms with dormer windows and large open plan family spaces with large bi folding doors. The master bedroom features a large balcony which overlooks the surrounding countryside.

Using the most up-to-date computer software HSSP Architects were able to convey our exciting ideas to the planners and parish council with fly-through videos, external birds-eye views and artistic 3D renders. Which can be seen below. The Private House, Old Dalby has been granted planning approval and is due to be completed later this year.





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