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To design a ground breaking, boundary pushing family home based on our client’s dream to create a low carbon house on their family farm using reclaimed materials and upcycling where possible. Keen to take a very hands on approach, our client’s wanted to self-build and required our expertise as to how to achieve this whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

Project - Strawberry Farm


  • Location: Leicestershire
  • Sector: Residential bespoke new build / Eco house
  • Client: Private Client

An outstanding example of an innovative ‘eco’ property with sustainable credentials.

Project - Strawberry Farm


The unused land was in a rural setting and hence we had to go through the rigorous process of applying for planning permission under Paragraph 79 (now Paragraph 80) of the National Planning Policy Framework. We had to prove it was ‘truly outstanding or innovative, reflecting the highest standards in architecture, and would help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas’, as outlined in the policy. Working closely with the local authority, we designed a concept that fulfilled this criteria and after much hard work we secured approval. This was the first Paragraph 79 house approved by Melton Borough Council.

As a self-build and truly experimental project, we partnered with our client and guided them on the best way to meet building regulations using reclaimed materials whilst remaining true to their sustainability principles. Instead of concrete, the foundations were formed from upcycling used car tyres and filling them with compacted earth. The inner walls were constructed from straw bales which were then covered in a clay based plaster containing shredded straw, and the outer roof is a reused farm building frame. We worked closely with specialist consultants to demonstrate that the design achieved a carbon neutral rating.

Project - Strawberry Farm


  • Architects: HSSP
  • Engineers: Elliot Wood 
  • Principle Contractor: Client