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Former stables in a woeful state of dereliction to be regenerated into luxury dwellings, whilst being mindful of the local prominent historical and significance of the building and providing open space for residents to enjoy.

The Stables - Old 3a
The Stables - Courtyard 3


  • Location: Melton Mowbray 
  • Sector Commercial Residential Developments 
  • Client: Wyndham Lodge Developments Limited 


LABC Regional Building Excellence Awards 2020 – Winner

ProCon Awards 2019 – Finalist

LJCC Merit Award for Craftsmanship 2019

The regeneration has been sensitive to the surrounding area and rescued a beautiful building from spiralling decline for everyone’s future enjoyment.

The Stables Construction


The foresight to see the hidden grandeur within the decay and the potential for it to return to its former glory once again enabled the remarkable conversion from derelict 17th century stables to unique highly desirable residential dwellings in an authentic uncompromising way that is mindful of the building’s heritage and its Grade II listed status.

The original access to The Stables from yesteryear has been reinstated, with the existing windows and walls dictating to a large extent how the dwellings would be laid out. The stone work has been lovingly restored by artisan stone masons and has either been axe faced or removed, re-faced and re-laid. The replacement of spoiled pieces has been facilitated from onsite stone ruins which were cut to match the profiles.

The stone windows have also been fully renovated and rebuilt by hand. Lime based mortar was used for the stonework in keeping with traditional methods, with the new extension also benefitting from lime based render. Beautiful eaves detailing and exposed rafter features perfect the finish.

Adding the extension to the stables on the road side completed a quadrant and closed off access from the road, thereby forming a private protected amenity space area for the occupiers. There is a variety of property styles within the 8 luxury dwellings to suit inclusivity needs. The Stables sit on a steep gradient with the ground floor of the extension being 3 metres higher than the road level, which meant deeper foundations had to be dug to counteract this issue and a low retaining wall restored to the back of the public footpath.

Having had attention lavished upon it a delightful building has been rescued and rejuvenated for the next phase of its life.

Stables Window


  • Architects: HSSP
  • Principle Contractor: M Snutch Builders & Contractors Ltd 
  • Stone Masons: Paul Knight and James Kearney