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Mini roll tasting

The HSSP team agreed to perform the most important of tasks for the Christmas period… and taste tasted chocolate mini rolls ‘yule logs’ to see which are the best!

Each were given a quarter of nine assorted mini rolls/mini yule logs to taste, which included supermarkets own label and big brands. To avoid any cheating occurring, they were prepared out of the sight of prying eyes and numbered!

The selection were:

1 – Asda double chocolate mini rolls

2 – McVities BN chocolate flavour mini rolls

3 – Cadbury milk chocolate mini rolls

4 – Aldi Dairyfine mini chocolate rolls

5 – M&S double chocolate mini bites

6 – Lidl Rowan Hill milk chocolate mini rolls

7 – Aldi Dairyfine mini chocolate yule logs

8 – Sainsbury’s milk chocolate mini rolls

9 – Cadbury triple chocolate mini yule logs

Given the day to taste them with time to cleanse their palettes, the results are in:

Best covering   M&S double chocolate mini bites

Best filling        Cadbury milk chocolate mini rolls

Best overall      M&S double chocolate mini bites

Favourite           M&S double chocolate mini bites with 6 votes to Cadbury milk chocolate mini roll with 4 votes

Taste is naturally open to personal preference and it’s interesting to see which were the most liked. What shall we taste next???


By HSSP Architects