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Cambridge Apartments

It is good to see construction for 21 HSSP designed apartments reaching the next stage in Cambridge. For speed of build and due to site storage limitations, the contractor selected fusion frame to construct the complex.

Fusion frame is a highly light weight but robust building material that is pre formed off site, then simply assembled on site. Extensive forward planning for services and utilities has to be undertaken, as once formed, additional duct spaces cannot be cut without hindering the integrity of the structure.

High co-ordination was required between ourselves, the steel frame supplier and the fusion frame supplier. As two frame systems are meeting to become one, with each having exceedingly small tolerances, exact sizing is required and the drawings have to be spot on.

The use of fusion frame allows the building to be constructed quick and become water tight much sooner. An external brick work skin, with brackets to tie it to the fusion frame structure, will be built in tandem with the internal fitting. This again saves time, as traditionally an internal fit out could only be done once the building is watertight and not at the same time as masonry construction.

We look forward to seeing its completion.

By HSSP Architects