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Cory News

HSSP Architects saw two new architectural assistants join in September 2020 for their year out placements having graduated from university with first class degrees in architecture. Their year has flown by and was an even steeper learning curve for them with having to cope with the knock on effect of the pandemic and working arrangements.

Katie has decided to stay for another year to gain even more experience in practice and we are delighted she is remaining with us, whilst Cory has returned to university to undertake his Part 2 degree. He has not left us though and will be doing ad-hoc work in his spare time. Before he departed, our Ros had a chat with him about his experiences of the last year.



What was the best bit?

Everyone coming back to the studio in August 2021 as Katie and I had not seen the whole team together until that point. It meant there were more people to bounce ideas off and to ask for help.

What was the worst bit?

Working from home so early on in the year (November 2020 lockdown), I got through it but it was not a great time. I would always choose working in the studio over being at home.

What was the best project?

One of the London projects because of seeing what could be designed and created over multiple floors within the constraints of the site.

What’s the best bit of HSSP?

The people.

Anything else to add

I would recommend HSSP to others as I have personally developed and come a long way in a short space of time. At university I was ‘told and taught’, now I have been doing it for real.

Is there anything you would have changed?

To have a set of desk drawers!!! (Not that I would have used them!)

[With all the pandemic stuff going on, we did not realise Cory did not have a set of drawers!]

By HSSP Architects