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Health and care facilities must have patients’ and residents’ needs at heart, without compromise on practicality, performance and efficiency.

Biophilic principles and innovative design are changing the face of health and care home architecture. Connectivity with the natural environment including natural light, fresh airflow, controlled acoustics and stimulating views is proven to have profound therapeutic impact on the health and well-being of the users, particularly those living with dementia, partial sight and learning disabilities.

Our innovative designs are leading this transformation. We apply biophilic principles to shape nurturing, homely and robust public and private health and care home facilities that promote the welfare of residents, families and staff, whilst balancing the capacity and occupancy demands of the operators with the development budget and business efficiencies.

Call us on 01664 563 288 to discuss how we can support your health care or care home development.


Quality and innovation

We deconstruct traditional institutional health and care home architecture and apply biophilic principles, bringing nature in wherever possible, to ensure easy access, fresh airflow, natural light and tranquil views. These are vital elements in creating calm, nurturing and relaxing spaces.


Planning Expertise

Care home architecture often needs to fit into built environments and integrate with local communities. Our expert planning knowledge and experience will ensure we find the best achievable planning solutions for complex and challenging spaces.


Client focused Service

HSSP is with you every step from feasibility and master planning through to site management and final delivery. We create a bespoke team of experts according to requirements and are happy to work with your preferred suppliers and contractors. Working in partnership with our clients, we promise transparency in reporting, accountability and communication.

Call us on 01664 563 288 to discuss how we can support your healthcare facility or care home project.
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Here's a few of our favourite projects showcasing our varied work
Project – Amwell

A class-leading private care home for dementia patients, maximising the wonderful views to the river and integrating seamlessly into the local street scene.

Project – Ashton Care Home

An attractive 72-bed care home on the compact site of a former hosiery factory to provide the finest residential and dementia care.

An attractive 72-bed care home on the compact site of a former hosiery factory to provide the finest residential and dementia care.

Project – Ashton Care Home
Project – Penrose Care Home

Interior architecture for new 65-bed care home to meet the wellbeing needs of the residents, staff and community within a mixed use urban expansion.